Monday, 14 March 2016

It's basically summer break...

via Mrs D's Corner

I just found this image from Mrs D's Corner,  but the gist of it has been running through my head for the last month for two reasons: 1) who doesn't feel like they need a little summer break at this time of the year & 2) the more the school year seems to be winding down, the more I realize how much stuff we have to cram into the remaining time.

Today is our first official day of spring break (side note: yay!), but before I left the school last week, I was planning and realizing that it will basically be April before we get back into the curriculum. With field trips, assemblies and fun events, June is usually a write-off, so that means we have April/May to get everything finished. Yikes!

Before we focus on the next few months, let's have a little recap of what we've done lately.

We had a little down time last week, so we did a directed drawing that I found on Art for Kids Hub. Lucky for me, this one had a video and step-by-step images.

via Art for Kids Hub

During the past month, we have had way too many indoor recess days. Just Dance videos to the rescue! Here's a new, fun one:

Since we are out so early for spring break this year, we don't return until after St. Patrick's Day and Easter, so besides the leprechaun directed drawing, we kind of glossed over those two holidays. If we did have more time, leprechaun traps seem like a fun idea…

via Our Thrifty Ideas
…and these pastel pysanky eggs would make an adorable Easter card for students to make for their parents.

via The Elementary Art Room!
We finished up a class novel study and I'm really hoping all the work we did on comprehension sticks as the students move onto independent novel studies. If you need some novel ideas for your students, I wrote a post about it {HERE}.

Now, onto the next few months. One way to make the most of your time in the classroom is by using morning work. Just a few questions of daily review are so important to make sure students do not forget what you've been working on throughout the year.

Click {HERE} to check out spring morning work for more grades.

But, before you even start worrying about the next few months, you've got to get through the first few days back. To help you cope as you re-adjust to the school day, I've got a fun, little spring break-themed freebie.

Grab the freebie {HERE}.

Whether you're on spring break or not, have a great one!