Monday, 6 July 2015

Are your new students Back to School Ready??

Wahoo, it's summer! The last week of school dragged on forever, but we finally made it! This past week was my first week of summer break and it was beautiful. The weather was beyond gorgeous - hot and sunny every day. Now that we're entering the second week, the weather has cooled off and back to school reality has set in. I know it's not quite back to school time, but I cannot help but think about it!

Let me paint a little back to school picture for you. It's the first day. You have twenty-odd smiling facing starting at you, ready to learn but . . . what to teach? The same questions always run through my head those first few days: Where are my new students at? Are they working at grade level? Above? Below? What do they still remember from the previous year and how much knowledge have they lost due to the summer slide?

Well, I think I've come up with a way to easily answer those questions, without taking up too much precious learning time. Enter my new packet, Back to School Ready - 4th Grade. It is a quick and easy pre-assessment for use during the first week or two of school. The five math and five language printables are based on the 3rd grade common core standards in order to give you a general idea of where your students are at, based on the previous year's curriculum, and what they may still need to work on.

Each printable is labeled with the standards it covers and also includes "I can" students so that you and your students are aware of what skills they should be demonstrating.

Provide one math and one language printable to your students (perfect for first week morning work!) each day for the first week and you will be able to see what skills they have retained from 3rd grade, and which you may need to re-visit before moving onto the new curriculum.

Although this is not an extensive review, I think it is a perfect way to help you facilitate planning for your year so that all students are on the right track and working at the appropriate level.

You can click {HERE} or the pictures above to check out the pack if you're interested!

Thanks for reading!